How to speak the truth in love?

Soul Snack 124/13 ... How to speak the truth in love?

Recently I stumbled upon the most politically incorrect Christian blog* I have ever read. The author of this blog bluntly but very correctly confronted Mohammed and by default Islam. Subsequently he was assailed and accused by his Christian readers for being loveless and judgemental. (I suspect if a Muslim read his blog the author would attract a similar deadly attention as Salman Rushdie did.)

The blogger described his flaming verbal attacks by Christians as significant and intense. The respondents heatedly explained that Jesus did not speak as harsh as the blogger had (but these respondents were both uninformed and wrong).

Criticised for not speaking the truth in love (Eph 4:15) he thought out loud:

While I agree that the truth should ALWAYS be spoken in love, I do not agree that "love" is always "soft-spoken" and/or "diplomatic". In fact, "political-correctness" rarely equates with true "love."

He concludes with this startling thought:

It seems clear that "speaking the truth in love" is a reference to motive, not tone of voice.

SO - speaking the truth in love is really about why it is said and not just how it is said!

What do you think?

Today's Soul Snippet:

"As the hands of Jesus opened for nails, the doors of heaven opened for you." ~ Max Lucado

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* I do not have the blogger's permission to share their thoughts or text so will not identify them or reproduce anymore text than integrity or copyright laws permit.