Heaven's platform

Soul Snack 151/10  ... Heaven's platform

When the night is bad and my nerves are shattered and the waves break over the sides # ... Heaven rouses to nurse me with an undivided attention.

When the dawn breaks, the dew drops and the sun is alive, Heaven responds.

In the haze-filled day, from a rest-empty night, the platform of Heaven invisibly appears before me. Invitingly, it offers an ever-so-small step up in order that I may receive its support, and enjoy its strength for my day.

With red-soaked hands and love-filled eyes, Heaven's hands hold the platform to carry me yet again.

When restlessness pursues me, so too will Heaven's platform.

It takes only one small step up to be carried by the bruised and burdened hands of Heaven yet again.

I can do everything through him who gives me strength. (Phil 4:13)


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# p130 - The furious longing of God - Brennan Manning - Pub David C. Cook, Colorado Springs 2009