How to hear God's voice ~ C

Soul Snack 194/13 How to hear God's voice ~ C

God is prejudiced. The proud and the fool He does not warm too.

The foolish heart claims God 'doesn't speak today' and the arrogant heart bleats 'I don't need Him'.

Neither will hear from God, for He disdains the fool and resists the proud.

Though the Lord is exalted, He looks kindly on the lowly; but the proud He sees from afar. (Ps138:6)

Pride is a locked fence that Heaven's voice doesn't unlock.

To hear from God is predicated upon an unearthly humility. The self-sufficient are absent from God, blind to His witness and deaf to His voice.

The third key to hearing God's voice is a humble and receptive spirit, for God confides in the upright.

The Lord ... takes the upright into His confidence. (Prov 3:32)

Today's Soul Snippet:

While the carnal rules the spiritual - evil will remain unchallenged.

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