Diffusing Life

Soul Snack 121/11 ... Diffusing Life

Amy Winehouse and Anders Behring Breivik exemplify a world diffused of correct direction. Both the personal and people carnage of these dark souls bellow what has gone wrong with this world.

This world moves in an ill-informed careless abandon. It cavorts its way to a self-endorsed legacy of ruination.

The failing compass of moral direction only has two directions; the needle either points to-

  • the ever changing popular common opinion or
  • the drive of feelings as the gauge of correctness. Neither of these points are true to righteousness.

As a snowball rolling down the mighty Matterhorn gains much destructive bulk and momentum so too the contemporary descent of moral fibre. To mix the metaphors it is now a moral time bomb. There are small incendiary devices exploding continually; both Winehouse and Breivik demonstrate this.

A moral compass that cannot point up must therefore only point down.

The compass of Christ points to:

  1. honor above desire,
  2. a man's word remains his bond - this is also called faithfulness,
  3. indulgence sacrificed to service,
  4. seeking the higher good above personal good,
  5. it is God who brings justice not man,
  6. faith makes the decisions above fear,
  7. defending the absolute truth, because truth is not relative nor does it vary in any way,
  8. TV is not the correct place for any sexual behaviour, this is only found in marriage and
  9. considerable sexual behaviour today has no correct place at all.

Life has been weakened, burdens pursued and ignorance multiplied by a moral compass that only descends. Lives explode daily as another time bomb is released. Only with the compass of Christ can these time-bombs be diffused.

Faithfulness springs forth from the earth, and righteousness looks down from heaven. (Ps 85:11)

Today's Soul Snippet:

Jesus is far more interested in my loving than my learning.