Dwelling in Zion - B

Soul Snack 17/13 ... Dwelling in Zion- B

Zion has a roll. It is like an electoral roll, but much larger.

... ‘This one was born in Zion.’ (Ps 87:4)

Zion carries its own place of birth entries upon heaven's birth certificates.

There is no more exclusive address or no more desirable home. Zion can never bought and it will never be sold. Its streets are paved with gold. The sun does not light the sky and the night never darkens. There are no hospitals, police, army, ambulances or security. There are no pharmacies, counsellors, doctors or locksmiths. CCTV is as rare as violence and banks as absent as greed.

Not all can claim citizenship or entry to Zion, although all will one day scream for admission.

The religious paparazzi, the fakir and the Pharisee hold no passport from Zion.

The pretenders, the proud and the self-promoters slide no key to Zion's gate upon their keyring.

Citizenship in Zion is a privilege before birth, a result of love-driven divine doing.

To be born in Zion reaches the dizzy heights of acceptance, approval, affirmation and affection. WHY? Because Zion is God's address and He wants you there too - with Him!

The welcome of the world may have eluded you but the welcome of Zion never will!

(... and all this was secured for you by a tortured body upon a rugged cross.)

Today's Soul Snippet: 

"We may preach and perish, but we cannot pray and perish!"  ~ Leonard Ravenhill