Cosmic Customer Care

Soul Snack S2 ... Cosmic Customer Care

Drawn hospital curtains suspended ominously a meter above the floor serve as a silent witness, providing ample evidence of the serious situation causing this bedside vigil.

A single mom, who had already sampled too many tough times, lay motionless through yet another one. Life  leveling this young woman flat yet again. The few friends present hold their heads low in desperate, silent prayer.

Slowly she awakens from a trauma she is not yet aware of (satan would again fail this evening).

Unobserved, the curtains silently wave. With an uncharacteristically perfect timing, a doctor  weaves through the curtains and enters this clinical enclosure as her alertness returns.

The early hour of the day has not wearied this doctor. His coat is still a crisp white, his hair not dishevelled and his voice still gently even.

Unhurried and with soft affirming words, this doctor spends more than the usual time at her bedside. Her prognosis is good. His surprisingly patient, quiet reassurance and kind attention really is out of this world. He even left his business card should she need further care.                     

The three friends knew not to interrupt. It seems so inappropriate.

As day broke she would be discharged, a good future now well expected. (So different from just eight hours previously.) This young mum desperately needs something to work out well for her.

With great thankfulness and armed with the business card, her three friends decide to return to the hospital the following day to say a special thanks to this doctor of undue grace.

Receptionists did not know him, nor did any other doctor. His business card (concrete evidence of his presence) also provided no further guidance.

Surely this doctor was God's cosmic customer care, an angel of grace. God unquestionably knew that His long-term troubled daughter just needed it.

God still does this!

Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation? (Heb 1:14)                                  

(This is a true story.)

Today’s Soul Snippet:

He who claims there is no God, is as equally uninformed as he who claims that he is God.
Both are fools.