Life's Links

Soul Snack 8/73 ... Life's Links!

Canvassing the globe, every second of every day is the opportunity for good or evil.
With absolutely equal consistency are the opportunities to learn about myself.

I can choose to give love. I can resist this.
I can choose to bless my enemy. I can refuse this.
I can choose to share. I can be selfish.

No day can ever close without me having conducted a chain of good or poor choices. These links in my life I establish myself. They are joined by choice (not chance).

Jesus has poured immense teaching into the wells of my soul, that I may join life's links correctly. He asks me to bless enemies, to be kind to those who mistreat me and share without restraint to those who ask!

These guiding requests that Jesus asks I can simply refuse. Even then Jesus is still permanently dedicated to my well being.

Jesus teaches me the difficult, because He is fully devoted to my self construction, and not my self destruction.

Do to others as you would have them do to you. Luke 6:31