Satan's sands

Soul Snack 8/212 ... Satan's Sands

Distilled with pointed and deliberate care through the venturi of an hour-glass are the sands of deceit. Golden eye-catching sands, fluid with graceful movement, yet mixed with an unseen pollution. Pollution nearly as gold as the sand itself.

As the sand silently descends through the controlling narrowness of the hour-glass, so too the hidden pollution moving down and through the entire object.

There is capacity in this hourglass to receive more. There is always empty space in an hourglass, there MUST be for the sand to flow. Without such space the hour-glass could not function.

So often this vacant space can be seductively captured by evil.

He inserts deceits into my time. His first deceit is to rob me of time itself. The next robbery is my relationships. Robbery secured, he then reverses the hour-glass of my life and starts afresh on me.

He will show me another's wrong (even if it is not there), he gives me dis-interest in the real courses of my life and finally the time for the real things of heaven is lost.

With injured (maybe even destroyed) vertical and horizontal relationships I remain to navigate a life not as God blessed me or even intended for me.

The sands of time carry pollution I do not see, but I can sure feel.

The LORD appeared to us in the past,  saying:
       "I have loved you with an everlasting love;
       I have drawn you with loving-kindness... Jer 31:3

The sands of my time have always carried His loving kindness, His blessings of time and relationships, and His desire to draw me to Him. When I am drawn away from Him across time it is clear evidence of the evil one deceiving me yet again.

When I am drawn to Him across time, praise God for this is clear evidence to the failure of the evil one in my life.

Whether my hour-glass is up or down, He has only deposited His loving kindness in its vacant space for me.

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