Heading home.

SOUL SNACK 9/110 ... Heading home.

Raging within each man's heart is a competition, day by day and hour by hour.

Regaling against His righteousness is my indulgence. It's my will vs His will! So often the scoreboard at day's end can read - HOME TEAM 10 - VISITORS 0.

Man lives in this wrestle - faithfully approaching then faithlessly withdrawing.

Jacob conducted this oscillating wrestle until he was empty. Then he met God that life-changing evening at the river Jabbok. Ancient mediterranean stars witnessed history, for all time change that night. Under the dark ceiling of his middle east sky Jacob would not release God at the Jabbok. No retreat from the fight that night. Jacob would no longer oscillate nor withdraw.

Lord, you have been our dwelling place
throughout all generations. Ps 90:1

Moses got this correct in Ps 90. Jacob lived 4 decades in a wrestle Moses did not have to.

God is THE place to live.

In my thoughts and heart and will. In my mind and my mouth.

At my dwelling I find permanence, protection and provision.

He is the place to stay. He is the place to return to. He is the only place of well-being.

After the day of foraging, the carnal day of will wrestling, He is the only Home.

Be a tenant no longer, be the homeowner!

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