Lord Locks - B

Soul Snack 8/209 ... Lord Locks - B

Knock, knock, knocking on your door of your house to no avail, can only bring sadness.

You know your family is in there!

You know your family hears!

You know your family ignores! Their deafness as persistent as your knocking.

Coursing through your emotions is a sequential flow from  sadness, anguish, and then finally anger.

You stand knocking at the door with love in your heart and righteousness in your hands, that this good may be gifted to those of your family within your house.

From within, terrible sounds arise. Your mind conjures terrifying scenes that could only generate such sounds. You knock more loudly and start calling out. The calls soon become shrill shouts from your frayed emotions and strained voice.

In your hands you hold the keys to harmony within. Faithfulness, truth and justice await outside your house as your gift. YOUR house remains locked to you and your gifts.

YOUR family has chosen rebellion, although you have offered righteousness. They have chosen burden while blessing awaits outside. They have chosen pain when pleasure is just the other side of the door.

As a death defying shriek pierces your eardrums from behind your locked door, you hear screamed with great vehemence that you are to blame for all this disharmony and disquiet. But you are still locked out, finally you act...!

Righteousness received pleases God, rebellion provokes Him.

It is my life's choice to promote God or to provoke Him. I WILL choose one or the other.

The decision is EASY, the impact ETERNAL.

Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me. Rev 3:20

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