Hearts vs Heads

Soul Snack 9/21 ... Hearts vs Heads

Strangely not worn, but certainly wearied well beyond her years, not a soul would believe she was only 60.

For 38 years she had tirelessly striven to win the love and affection of another. Maybe she had tried too hard? She had certainly failed.

Surely her body reflected her ongoing efforts. Servant like continual self-giving still insufficient.

Unreturned love she lived with. As she approached the 'winter' of life, it finally dawned that giving to another can not win their heart. Finally she realised that although his 'head' had married her, nearly four decades ago, his heart had not. Her giving he took selfishly and willingly, never to be reciprocated.

I can't 'buy' emotional response. The Beatles got this correct in 1964 ... love can't be bought.

Love is given it is not bought.

Jesus literally gave His all to capture me. Countless billions still do not recognise His self-expending giving either.

Jesus simply died for my heart - my head doesn't fall in love, it just knows that my heart has.

Jesus replied: " Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind ... " Mt 22:37

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