The Race to Grace

Soul Snack 9/31 ... The Race to Grace

Meandering through the deltas of all lives, across all nationalities is an unobserved race to the Throne of Grace.

The only path that the entire world's population will all travel is the path least considered and least prepared for.

This is competitive. The lanes are unmistakeably marked in lime. (Although, many don't see them.) The starter's whistle is blown at birth. The finish tape breasted at death.

All competitors compete according to the same rules. Rules that neither discriminate nor show favouritism. It is the same steward who monitors the starting, the racing and the finishing. There is no error of judge's various opinions, nor is there a panel that consults on who wins. There is only a crowd of one watching each contestant.

The ill considered contestant disregards the steward's attention and the foolish ignore the rules. In fact, the ignorant believe that their race  is unobserved, their conduct unchallenged.

The arrogant write their own rules, while countless others are distracted and leave their lanes.

But no-one's misplaced intentions can ever change the steward's final decisions.

When life's race to the Throne of Grace is completed - whether the finish tape is breasted at a gallop or barely fallen over it is only that steward's decision that will ever matter.

The race to grace maybe hell - but it truly is hell to have not competed according to the steward's rules.

Similarly, if anyone competes as an athlete, he does not receive the victor's crown unless he competes according to the rules. 2 Tim 2:5


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