War Words

Soul Snack 8/207 ... War Words

Trampling wildly upon the wine press of heavenly wrath under unstoppable feet, He 'smokes' the rulers of this world verbally with the fury of His Father.(Rev 19:15)

With glaring eyes of fire and a blood stained robe, The Word leads the charge into a battle where He is already victor. His white steed fleet of foot, completely unchallenged as it transports the jockey who flung stars into space. 

No longer wearing a crown of thorns, but many crowns, He bellows incisive words that penetrate  heart and soul. Words that deliver judgement and  issue condemnation. Finally justice will be found on this earth. His words now strike down. The time of grace has passed, the season for salvation sunk.

Evil is cast into permanent torture simply by His words.(v20) The indulgers of evil now simply become carrion for the insatiable carnivores of the sky.

The rest of them were killed with the sword that came out of the mouth of the rider on the horse, and all the birds gorged themselves on their flesh. Rev 19:21

The Word wages war with words and wins. His weapons are His words.

At creation Jesus' construction of the world was with words. At world's end He conducts its destruction with words. The world ends as it has begun, with the words of The Word.

As for ME, ... I want The Word at one with me, not at war with me.

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