Soul Snack 8/170 ... Belonging

Community is usually at the heart of a healthy heart. Seeded from within the Trinity Himself is this desire to relate to another, to belong with many.

God has always claimed me. I belonged to Him before I belonged to the world.

My belonging to Him is always perfectly continuous. This call has no gaps. His ownership is never denied. It is rightly sustained from His Throne alone.

His love is no vapor, His call no phantom. His knowledge of me supercedes time. His delight in His chosen one unshakeable.

My belonging is not subject to the rolling tides of moods and passions. It is both static and secure.

Before I was born The Lord called me.

From my birth He made mention of my name. He delights to speak of me and to me.

He has never forgotten me. I have always been on his mind.

He has not hidden me away. He is proud of me.

He does not hide from me. He thirsts for my company.

My existence brings Him joy. My life He wants to celebrate. I belong to His community.

My belonging to Him preceded my birth from Him. He wanted me even before I knew me

Before I was born the LORD called me;
       from my birth he has made mention of my name. (Is 49:1b)