Divine Decision

Soul Snack 8/165 ... Divine Decision.

Ever felt a good presence when all are absent?

Ever daydreamed 'company' when fears prevailed?

Ever sensed an unseen goodness you could not explain?

Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation? Hebrews 1:14

There is an angel (or many?) on your side right now, sent by the Father who cares, to care for you. There is never any cosmic compromise, or earthly enterprise that can interfere or impede the divine's supernatural attention that He intends for you.

He knows fully the time to respond to you. He knows intimately the best manner to respond. He decides definitely to meet your needs. He acts.

He pens the pain, knows the distress and hears the tears. He  gives His counsellor (Jn 16) and sends His angels.

There is no period of aloneness for those of His who are alone. There is no period of emptiness that won't be filled. Likewise there is no period of despair that will not go unresponded to. This guarantee for those who belong to Him, who include Him, indeed consult Him with their life.

He always decides for you.

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