The Faithful Foolish

Soul Snack 8/189 ... The Faithful Foolish

Have you ever lived with the emotional turmoil and wrestle from a promise that reflects foolishness, impulsiveness, or just plain great personal expense?

Have you ever agonised over a promise, soon demonstrated not to be wise?

Have you ever felt the conflict of integrity versus personal convenience?

Foolish decisions can dog both the intrepid or conservative alike.

To realise the foolishness of a decision or commitment can only lead to sincerely question the value of keeping it.

Even a foolish person will find honour in faithfulness.

Stay in faith to both the promised and to God. Two mistakes can only multiply an error. They do not make a correction.

God can even enhance  a foolish decision when honoured with faithfulness. God sees a heart of integrity, and not just the heart of foolishness.

Stay in faith, even if foolish. Don't be foolish again by trying to bring a self-suiting remedy and break your word. Only faithfulness can cover foolishness. Further foolishness (breaking your word) will only fuel the difficulty.

Foolish decisions may 'dog' me now, but they do not have to forever!

Faithfulness can even become the honor of wise fools.

Simply let your 'Yes' be 'Yes,' and your 'No,' 'No'; anything beyond this comes from the evil one. Mt 5:37


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