Soul Snack 8/161 ... FOCUS!

Moving has become a chorus to my life. Friends have discarded entire address books with the constant update on my contact details.

Every time I move house, I throw clutter away! Why retain, even move, the unhelpful, the unneeded or the simply decayed? In the pain that another relocation brings I work out yet again what is important to me. The perennial problems of moving reacquaint me afresh with focus.

How is the focus?

Is stopping to pray a difficult thing?

Is finding cause for thanks elusive?

Are the times of enjoying Him snatched away?

Is the hardest thing even realising that I may have a challenged focus?

The Israelite's were sure unaware of their focus problem. God wasn't!

I will give them singleness of heart and action, so that they will always fear me for their own good and the good of their children after them. Jer 32:39

2, 500 years ago God knew His people also wrestled with focus. Is there anything new under the sun?

God would use the problems that Israel faced, to focus them afresh on Him.

God yearns for singleness of our heart and action.

God promotes singleness of heart and action.

God gives singleness of heart and action.

God's gifting of focus is usually the result of restoration from problems. Pain is to lead to 'singleness of heart and action' as all that is superfluous and extraneous in my life is removed. Through problems I can see truly what is important. Problems remove the clutter that keeps or takes me from God. Problems 'move' me.

God has already given me His undivided attention. He longs and thirsts so deeply for me to reciprocate.

Father, thankyou so much that you want me uncluttered that I may receive from you. Please keep removing my clutter and replacing it with focus, for I want heart of single purpose, just for you. Amen.

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