The Good Absence!

Soul Snack 8/84 ... The Good Absence!

Stranger things had occurred previously, however he was unable to recall them.

Pensively he sat with a low fever of fear. The chair opposite still empty ( to his relieved delight). A forced meeting, he could not escape from.

Thoughts of being alone instantly spelled relief. This immediate future invited threat, in his present he hoped and prayed for release.

He had no idea why this 'command' to meet. A long severed relationship called to order, a strange request to his currently troubled mind.

In his fearful and brooding soul there were no pleasant times to recall, let alone shared tinges of joy.

Lacking ease, he waits in uncertainty. Then his Father whispers to him, this lovely gentle reminder:

I will rejoice in doing them good ... with all my heart and soul. Jer 32:41

He spent another patient 15 minutes drinking his long black very pleasantly alone. He then left rejoicing, knowing that he had just received a fully devoted Father's good.

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