Completing Grace

Soul Snack 8/216 ... Completing Grace

The season for grace is now upon us.

The season for judgement is yet to be unleashed.

Summer is here, winter yet to arrive.

Yet, it can be so easy to slip into winter, look for winter and live life as if it is winter. My will can so readily deliver cold when there is warmth all around.

Without restraint and in complete abundance The Throne of Grace has currently released His season of grace.

Grace does not withhold when it can give. Grace returns in oversupply what it has received. Grace identifies opportunities for kindness and refuses to release more problems into this world.

Opportunities abound for grace living. These are identified by those gracious enough to look for them.

The child/adult who thirsts for affirmation - affirm.

The person devoid of acceptance - accept.

The individual longing for affection - hug.

The 'loser' hungering for approval - approve.

All this then is the season of grace. What you have done for another, you have also done for Him. (Mt 25:40) As you have done so will it be done unto you!(Roms 2:6)

His grace is completely right here, right now that you too may give what is good and receive what is good.

Grace can be completed in another through you and then it is complete in you, for it has you now doing its work too.

From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another. John 1:16

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