Breaking Guilt

Soul Snack 8/158 ... Breaking Guilt

A frozen north Canadian lake may have twenty-eight icy encrusted inches sealing all that is above from all that is beneath, well almost!

Each northern winter ice roads are made. These perilous roads carry massive loads on semi-trailers just two feet above icy fresh liquid to diamond mines. Sufficient overloading of any part of the ice will instantly see a submerged semi and a desperate trucker; ice will break.

Nearly 3000 years ago, a new King Solomon had some old issues to settle. Joab was one he deals with quickly.

Joab's life had been bracketed with treachery. Abner he had murdered, and Amasa also he had killed in blatant opportunism some years later. (See 2 Sam 2:23, 3:27,30).

Under Solomon's dad, King David, Joab had been a skillful general. Yet as Israel's Commander-in-Chief, Joab had demonstrated a faulty character and questionable loyalty. David replaces Joab with Amasa (2 Sam 19:13). This very flawed Joab soon assassinates his successor, Amasa.(See 2 Sam 20:3-23). Joab is riddled with guilt.

King David dies. Solomon has already been crowned king (see 1 Kings 1:28-53). However change in the government does not deliver change in guilt. Joab's guilt remains, and would soon overtake him.(See 1 Kings 2:31-34). Unpaid for, Joab's guilt cost him his life. There is no place of refuge, not even an altar from guilt. (Joab was killed before the altar.)

Guilt does not fade or thin out. It does not decay. It does not snap under load. It can not be hidden.

Time does not remove guilt, anymore than a change of government. Guilt does not break, it remains until it is paid for.

A 'guilt trip' is healthy, indeed a salve when it leads me to remove the cause, through repentance to Jesus.

Buried guilt will still 'burn'. Broken guilt can only bless.

Trucks will break through the deepest ice. Only Jesus can break through the depth of our guilt. Jesus takes my guilt so I am free from it's claims on me. (Rms 8:1)

Guilt leaves me when Jesus enters me. 

God in = guilt out!   Jesus arrives = guilt flees!

' ... and though the LORD makes his(Jesus) life a guilt offering...' Is 53:10

When the evil one reminds you of your past, now you are free to remind him of his future.