His Hand.

Soul Snack 8/119 ... His Hand.

His hand is fully extended, His forearm completely strong.
This hand reveals care and delivers compassion.
This hand is not damaged, weakened or even bruised. It only carries a nail size scar.
This is never gloved should its holder slip.
This is a hand of righteousness and not selfishness.
It is outstretched in grace, to support and hide me.
This hand knows no evil and it cannot harm.
There is no malice or wrong in its palm.

God's hand is gentle and long-suffering. It may feel much pain or strain but will never release those holding it. It is eternally strong to never let go. It always first considers those holding on to it.

This eternal strength delivers eternal perseverance for your eternal safety and blessing. In His hand is your reward..

God's righteous right hand is outstretched to you now. It is always there. It is there for the taking.

Thrust your hand up into His today, that you may always be reaching towards Him taking His strength.

When you have dropped into God's broad palm, you will never be dropped again.

' ... in the shadow of his hand he hid me ... yet what is due me is in the LORD's hand, and my reward is with my God.' Is 49:2b & 4b

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