The Unseen Apprenticeship

Soul Snack 8/91 ... The Unseen Apprenticeship

He was dreadfully unaccustomed to sitting quietly. He knew the breadth of his knowledge was hardly surpassed. Meetings were his divinely destined opportunities to bless all present with his incredibly worthwhile input.

Yet, constantly he observed his contributions were negated, neglected or just ignored. Those he sat under, those who held the positions of honour so ignorant, so hollow, so shallow to his deeper eyes. Their discussions, their decisions, their directions so ill informed.

Regularly (with a modicum of distress at times) he would muse why God had raised leaders of inability and lacking in insight. Why had God placed the ignorant over the knowledgeable?

Unassailably confident in his own correctness, such occasions of thoughtfulness only accumulated disappointment upon his soul and spirit. He also knew this, that he did not understand God's ways.

" ... humility comes before honour." Prov 18:26b

His breadth of knowledge still did not equate to depth of knowledge. He leaders had served their apprenticeship, he had not.

When I find humility it will then be up to God alone to add honour.

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