Radically Rebel!

Soul Snack 8/156 ... Radically Rebel!

Bob Dylan, Martin Luther King and Che Guevera all marched to the same rebellious tune.

Have you ever thought of rebelling against rebellion? The anthem of the '60s, now rejected in your own life?

If sin is rebellion against the Almighty, to rebel against rebellion must therefore be correctly righteous.

To understand my rebellion is an anointing to my soul and a salve to my spirit that can only flow from His Throne. Awareness of sin is the eternally great mercy of the Lord. It delivers heart-felt prayer and soul-felt cleansing.

Awareness of sin;
  • introduces the ways and habits of the divine to the human,
  • it removes the ways of me, from me
  • it challenges my spirit,
  • it corrects my actions,
  • it modifies my mouth.
To know my sin is to simply live in receptive humility.

To know my sin is to receive divine counsel, from Heaven's counsellor (There is none better -see Jn 16:7-11)

When I remove sin I hit the 'delete button' on another pollutant in my life. Another opportunity for satan to rob me is then gone. It is robbing the robber of just a bit more of me.

Repentance is cleansing from captivity. It is rebuilding and restoring.

Repentance surely is radical rebellion. Rebel against satan. Do Not delay. Be a radical today!.

"The time has come," he said. "The kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good news!" Mark 1:15

cf  Soul Snack 8/129... A Restless Father

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