A Sin Assassin

Soul Snack 8/167 ... A Sin Assassin

As very close as the next opportunity is my sin.

My vulnerability is its knowledge. My weakness is its advantage. My soul is its goal. Shame is its result. My destruction is its end.

The pleasure of sin is palatable. The pain of sin is eternal. Sin knows I can't escape my encounter with eternity.

Sin's desire is to master me.  This is now not a wrestle but a war. It is continually crouching at my door. This door must remain closed.(Gen 4:7)

I need to be a sin sheriff, one who will hold a gun to sin whenever it threatens me.

I need to be a sin magistrate, one who will correctly judge it for what it truly is.

I need a sin jail! A place in my spirit dedicated to capital punishment. For my sin must be on death's row.

In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus. Romans 6:11


The Holy Spirit's conviction of sin is an eternal win. (Jn 16:5-11)

His righteousness is the assassin of my sin.

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