The Precious Worthless

Soul Snack 8/89 ... The Precious Worthless

Snuggly cocooned in a light sleeping bag of warmth, effortlessly his thoughts drifted to that which too regularly consumed him.

Whistling menacingly across the orange nylon close to his face were rude interrupting August winds, right on time. These winds, chilling to the bone for the unprotected were no threat to him. Neither the snow capped peaks so close, an impediment to this escape 'in' his mind.

Reflectively he recalled how his youth, his skills, his vigour were so important. His energy, his pride. His fitness, his joy and his achievements his focus.

Injury, ill health, middle age all conspired in his thoughts now. Joy transformed to anxiety, energy now transported to fear. His rest 'robbed' and now worry resumes its rule.

So then, banish anxiety from your heart
and cast off the troubles of your body,
for youth and vigor are meaningless. Eccl 11:10

The things that I think are meaningful, when correctly valued are meaningless.

The things that cause me anxiety are not worthy of doing so.

I can be fully committed to the worthless. I can make the worthless precious.

Anxiety is removed by realising I am investing in the worthless. In fact investing in anxiety is making the worthless precious too.

O father, thankyou that you hold correct values. Reveal to me please, this day, that which is unworthy of my investment, that which I hold so needlessly to. Help me please to lose my precious worthless. AMEN

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