SoulSupply's Top 15 Quotes Over 15 Years ~ Part B

  1. In emptiness the spirit finds life, and the soul is revived.
  2. Grace is no more a license to sin, than paying your speeding fine is permission to speed again.
  3. The giant before you is not greater than the God behind you.
  4. We have to live with the pain of sin to learn the regret of choosing sin.
  5. Mankind wants the greater things, but not the Lord of the greatest things.
  6. Sin can only rule me when I give it permission to.
  7. The family is God's instrument for the generational transmission of righteousness. (see Malachi 2:15)
  8. The conscience is a chaperone to the soul and a doorman to the body.
  9. Disbelief rises as the assassin of truth.
  10. It is no more correct for a Christian to live as if his life is his own, than it was for Christ to die in the first place.
  11. Mankind has grasped the whole world but still fails to reason a fraction of heaven.
  12. Learn to hold the things of this world loosely, then they will serve you and not you them.
  13. Jesus was tempted by satan, Christians can expect nothing less.
  14. Jerusalem has plans to prosper you, Babylon has plans to destroy you.
  15. Babylon is the home of desolation, but it looks like the home of riches.

"God is not unjust, He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him..." ~ Hebrews  6:10