Souvenirs of Solitude ~ Righteousness

Soul Snack 75/14 ...

  • He who sows to righteousness plants peace, but he who sows to pleasure will reap a whirlwind of enmity.
  • Bearing the cross leads to salvation, but when no cross is borne no salvation is found.
  • He who finds good in another anoints their soul, and he who speaks good to another brings honor to them both.
  • Those who seek the delights of the earth walk a forever path of pain, but those who seek to delight heaven will find the path of peace.
  • Faith with a little is the divine foundation for faith with a lot.
  • The Lord gives to those who have proven trustworthy, for faith that is to be trusted will be tested.
  • He who knows the future knows there is no end. He knows the present knows it will end. There is a season to all who dwell upon earth. Love will return and hate will flee. Joy will be mixed with sadness and pleasure lost to pain. But all will end, save the soul who seeks righteousness today that they may gain tomorrow forever.

The fruit of that righteousness will be peace;
    its effect will be quietness and confidence for ever. (Isaiah 32:17)

Today's Soul Snippet:

God's Word still parts waters and still stems floods.

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