The 3 Owner's of Heaven

Heaven's title deeds and rewards are held by three peoples. They are:

(Note: As the poor in spirit own heaven so too the meek own earth. Matthew 5:5)

Have you observed in this short list the absence of royalty, rulers and the captains of industry? Heroes and stars also receive no divine curtain call.

Teaching from the now famous Beatitudes Jesus began His earthly ministry by honoring those the world refuses to.

For all those who wear with the imprint of the Beatitudes and so are torn by the despisings of the earth - rejoice for you hold the title deeds to Heaven. Be strengthened then and buttress your soul, as the affections of the world weaken and its lights darken to you.

God knows your character, witnesses your inner-man, the world doesn't - it can't; spiritual things are spiritually discerned.

The owners of heaven already live for divine approval alone, that audience of one. They have lost earthly ambition through repentance, coupled with an honesty to their failings and foolishness.

Heaven's key-holders are becoming a new creation. It is from righteousness they perform miracles impossible to this world:

they can divide good from evil.

Those who hold heaven's deeds honor what God honors, and customarily dismiss that which is not honoring to God.

O Lord that it would be such there is nought I desire but you. May this world fade in me past all its lingering shadows until the only light in my heart is your burning lamp. May the lights of this world darken until you snuff out its candles in my soul. AMEN

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