The Anticlimax Ache

Soul Snack 154/14 ... Anticipation lies!

Two decades ago a brisk wind whistled around my helmet as I twisted the throttle of my new bike. The afternoon twilight guaranteed cold air as I motored up the escarpment. With increasing disappointment my feelings towards this latest mile-muncher grew as cool as the wind-chilled afternoon. The bike quickly failed to deliver expected comfort and performance. This burgundy slug brought me few smiles as the joy of purchase fled. I had owned it a mere thirty minutes. My imagination of what this promised well exceeded reality (but the regretful debt I had just accrued didn't).

Our thoughts at various times become preoccupied with unrealistic joys (toys?), sold to us by a soul that has falsely multiplied reality.

We all construct delights in our minds and then abandon ourselves to these imagined pleasures.

Who has spent their lottery win today in their head, convinced they will be successful - BUT tomorrow find the ticket wasn't worth the paper it was printed on?

How often has keen anticipation been cast low after an event, a meeting or a long awaited purchase?

Our thoughts had simply deceived us. The results did not match the anticipation.

Cleverly our imagination can draw us deeper into nothing.

One word describes all this - ANTICLIMAX!

BUT the opposites of God's kingdom continue, for no matter how eager you are for heaven, how devoted your praise, how close you are with the Lord now, this is no patch on heaven.

Whatever you expect on earth will completely pale, no disappear to the wonder of life in heaven.

Disappointment can't even visit those who live in heaven.

‘What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived’ – the things God has prepared for those who love him... 1 Corinthians 2:9

ANTICLIMAX and DISAPPOINTMENT are not in heaven's dictionary, and they won't be in yours either.

Soul Snippet:

We have to live with the pain of sin to learn the regret of choosing sin.

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