The Child of Influence

Soul Snack 13/14 ...

Those who leave the greatest physical legacies are those who are willing to pay the largest spiritual costs.

A spiritual legacy is the son of influence. It is seeded in self-denial, not personal promotion.

We live in a western world that leaks the influence of affluence across all souls. This is heralded as THE god to serve; yet somehow in Bristol nearly 200 years ago George Mueller lived out his true and humble reflection:

"It ill becomes a servant to seek to be rich & great & honored in that world where his Lord was poor & mean & despised." 

Mueller has left a legacy well beyond his finances. His legacy has impacted far more lives than the 10,000+ children he housed in his five Bristol orphanages.

Spiritual legacies survive generations and centuries, some even survive millennia.

Hunger for a legacy that only the Lord can truly create and count. This is a legacy to survive centuries. It will be the child of your influence today.

I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread. They are always generous and lend freely; their children will be a blessing. (Psalm 35:25b-26)

It is from a scoured and sober heart,

It is from a heart done with sin, and

It is from a heart seeking no vainglory that God chooses to multiply through.

The depositing of legacy is begun upon the knees. It is then banked through righteous word and deed, by those who see the generations that are yet unseen.

Today's Soul Snippet:

We are human beings first and not human doings, our existence with God is far more important than our activity for God.

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