The Christmas Gift of Hope#

Patience involves looking attentively in the right direction, scanning the horizons for glimpses of God's action. 

Mary and Joseph waited patiently for the favor of God.

Simeon's patience yearned for the consolation of Israel.

Prophetess Anna worshipped without ceasing, looking for the redemption of Jerusalem.

The Magi traveled far to seek the Christ they knew was born.

Christmas informs each believer that hope is sent from heaven and lies beyond us. 

Jesus is the God who ends people's waiting by coming to them Himself.#

To each who would bend their knee beside an ancient feeding trough, hope is vindicated - it is never vanquished.

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Hope hinders heartache.' ~ Michael Cartwright

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#Today's SoulSnack is largely inspired by and reproduced from Jeff Greenman - President Regent College Vancouver