The Cure of the Mouth

This surely won't surprize you but I stumbled upon a new word (to me) recently - loquacious.

Apparently it is associated ungraciously with the elderly. (I now hold a massive and snowballing fear.)

A loquacious person is long-winded, garrulous. Methinks the hearer feels such a person speaks far too much.

Popular topics of the loquacious are overseas trips, medical operations, others' misfortunes or war stories; all retold to the listener's continuing aural debilitation.

As always the Bible is 'ahead of the game' - below are three gems from King Solomon:

  • When words are many sin is not absent, but he who holds his words is wise. ~ Proverbs 10:19
  • A gossip betrays a confidence; so avoid anyone who talks too much. ~ Proverbs 20:19
  • Do not be quick with your mouth ... so let your words be few ... many words mark the speech of a fool. ~ Ecclesiastes 5:2-3

The quality of the soul is reflected in the words spoken for:

The mouth is the mirror of the mind.

Listen long but speak short.

Today's Soul Snippet:

 "Trials are the measuring of a man."~ Michael Cartwright

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