The Dwarfed Bible ~ A#

The world dwarfs us all, but God dwarfs the world. ~ Jim Packer

God's word is not subject to man's opinion. It is not to be suppressed or forgotten. Yet, I find there is an ever increasing supply of those who think it is. The disagreeable or the difficult sections of Scripture are brought for interpretation under the deceiving shadow of the Tree of Knowledge.

The microscope of knowledge can never view the panorama of faith.

The Tree of Knowledge informs its students to question God's Word, did God really say? This satan began in Eden before recorded time. As a result God's word is doubted and then dwarfed, reduced to being so much smaller (and useless?) than God ever spoke it to be.

The world at large is deceived - either through historical ignorance, or intellectual misinformation as to the veracity of the Bible. This is especially so when it's counsel is difficult to grasp or does not suit my fleshly desires.

As with statistics, man has tortured the Bible to confess to anything.

The deceit that dwarfs God's Word claims human reason is able to reduce Divine revelation unto its own judgements.

Yet the believer is asked to live by faith alone, and trust the Lord of love for the many things they don't grasp or that don't suit.

The righteous shall live by faith, not sight. (Romans 1:7, Galatians 3:11 & Hebrews 10:38)

The mind of man arrogantly sits in judgement upon God's eternal Words. This revealed truth he can never comprehend completely. Man can nor more gaze into the mind of God than God would seek his counsel.

Mankind has sought to dwarf the Bible but God's thoughts first dwarf mans' mind.

Today's Soul Snippet:

The Bible is to the soul as the air is to the lungs.

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#The context for this SoulSnack is an online debate brought to me about the contemporary irrelevance of Scriptures in a Christian church that now opens arms to immorality in the form of practising homosexuality. Not only has the Bible become further regulated to antiquity, but also its absolute truths are denied, for God I am now told (who does not change) has redefined sin.