The Grace Spendthrift

Satan hides this.

We miss it.

God then becomes ignored, or worse still, blamed.

God has not short-changed us. He has not withheld grace.

God's goodness does not keep grace from one person to give it to another. There is no limited supply or insufficient funds to pass around.

Neither has God banked grace for a rainy day that our share has been stored, rendered unavailable.

God is a river not a reservoir. He is a spender, not a banker.

From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another (John 1:16)

Even our endless faults and sin can't restrain His grace.

He who gives from an everlasting supply, from the fullness of His grace, (not the emptiness of His grace for some would then miss out) does so because He gives without finding fault.

Could the essence of grace be finding reasons to give, rather than reasons not to give?

The divine chalice of grace has been upturned into your life far more than you will ever see.

Are you a parent? How many unseen grace deposits do you bank in those little lives or adult lives daily? How much more has God given to each of us?

He has won wars and protected you from danger not even known.

He has spoken to you, directed you and loved you when no other has.

He has bottled your tears, filled your larder and held your hand when you were most needy.

AND of course there were those countless times your footprints did not appear in the sand; that puzzled you then but now you know why.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Prayer is erecting a fence at the top of the cliff and not parking an ambulance at the bottom." ~ Michael Cartwright

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