The Great Church Exodus!# ~ A

Soul Snack 146/14 ... So you don't believe in church anymore?

Doing church is troubling too many.

  • Jesus spoke into the lives of the domineering and loveless Pharisees.
  • The apostle Paul counselled the new Christian church to build each other up.

The above two truths all protestants would confess, yet why the continuing great denominational exodus?

Why do such books as Pagan Christianity not sell up a storm, but a tornado?

The Christian church is deeply troubled yet again.

Twelve original hints to this ecclesiastical malaise from MyParable:

  1. The activism at church contributes precious little to the vitality of the soul.
  2. Church is not for the shepherd, it is for the sheep.
  3. If your church shows you law when your heart screams for love - you are in a court and not a church.
  4. Jesus replaces ceremony with celebration, ritual with relationship and theology with truth.
  5. Jesus is leaving denominations because denominations have left Him.
  6. We have created too many theologians and not enough disciples.
  7. The scholars are now the popes of the protestant church.
  8. When there is no building-up (edification) in church, neither should you be in church.
  9. Church first exists for edification, well before education.
  10. Religious performance is as hollow as death is long.
  11. Jesus died for relationship, still man dies in ritual.
  12. Jesus isn't found in hallowed mausoleums of brick and stone or high houses with tall steeples - He is found in my heart.

...try to excel in gifts that build up the church. (1 Corinthians 14:11b)

Soul Snippet:

"Theological competence & a high voltage intellect do not qualify a person to serve in God's house." ~ George Barna & Frank Viola

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# These 12 thoughts can be found at MyParable, SoulSupply's sister site & are expanded in SoulSupply's first book GREAT MERCY