The Jesus of my Journey

The Jesus of my journey is the crucified one. The signature at the bottom of my life's page is a road sign to guide me, a cross amidst two others until I meet with Him.

When I fall before Him my life shall be more clearer, for the red cross will be replaced by a white robe. No muddy sin or dark distress will ever cloud me again. Jesus’ pure robe of righteousness He shall drape across my shoulders. My wounds and battle-scars, my sins and my strivings will be known no more. And finally that cross upon my back is replaced with comfort. But now is still the time to bear the cross.

I am unable to imagine a life verbally dedicated to my redeemer that lives in consistent opposition to His words.

The God of Golgotha claims no mere adherence or fleeting fellowship.

Splashed indelibly across my life's pages are the ruddy hues of Calvary.

Written in red ink are the deep and life-giving claims of Jesus' bellow into darkness 'forgive them for they know what they do'. These brook no rival and accept no compromise.

Jesus' cries roll down the eternal corridors of His cosmos for an -

unshakeably strong and consistent discipleship to challenge all odds and desires.

The Gethsemane that led to Calvary was not for any contemporary 'easy-believism'. Jesus admitted no 'K-Mart' Christianity. It is there I simply choose from the shelves what I want, leaving the unwanted behind.

Christianity was never intended to be some easy listening, erudite sermon prepared from pages of a text book and not the pages of life.

The Jesus of my journey legitimately claims my body, my soul, my life and my all.

Anything less than soul searching devotion, washed with a life-giving living is simply cheating Jesus of His death, and me of His resurrection.

In the same way, any of you who does not give up everything he has cannot be my disciple. (Luke 14:33)

Today's Soul Snippet:

'2000 years ago Jesus did not just stand up for me - He was nailed up for me'.

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