The March of the Inner Man

Even the cleverest of men rarely perceive their need to change their mind about themselves.

Humans should recognize their own negativity and sinfulness, but instead we largely hate or blame almost anything (or anyone) else. We loathe our own faults in other people but not in us. It is too simple to ignore that Jesus came to take away our capacity to sin.

Jesus will show the world how wrong it was about sin, about who was really in the right, and about true judgment. (John 16:8) This is exactly the purpose of the Cross; the exposing of sin, the dealing with sin and the jettisoning of judgement.

Jesus did not come to change God’s mind about us. It did not need changing. Jesus came to change our minds about God—and about ourselves—and about where goodness and evil really lie.#

Our changed mind draws to repentance before it blames, it seeks to be unknown rather than known, and questions the the thirsts of its heart. The new mind seeks honesty within, it asks 'is my heart shallow or full, deceitful or true'? 

It is the enquiring into the heart that searches humbly for its blindsides, and its absence of satisfactions. So, seeing the evil and hollowness healthy and within it turns to righteousness with gusto. There is no satisfaction or filling from evil. It is the examined heart who shall discover filling, who truly can discern where good and evil lie.# 

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. (Matthew 5:6)

Today's Soul Snippet:

“Righteousness is not placing your own personal advantage before the good of a brother."

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#Today's SoulSnack is largely reproduced from Richard Rohr ~ Doing the Inner Work