The Mastery of the Heart

Is not the heart a spiritual commentary upon the life of its owner? Of the heart and the head there is that matter of much difference. Both compete to be a man's master.

Nine new proverbs upon mastery of the heart:

  • Speak to a man's heart and he will love you, speak to a man's head and pour in pride. 
  • Knowledge within the humble heart is not spoken of, but remains evident to all.
  • No man can speak that he understands love unless his life is bathed in its reflection.
  • No man can claim he is virtuous, for virtue is lived silently - it is not loud.
  • No man can wander earth long with his chest held out, for his heart is shrivelled and he will soon be seen to fall.
  • No man can embark upon a noble and ambitious endeavor to see it through, if his heart first does not flee acclaim.
  • No man should draw his sword regardless of his skill unless his heart is stronger than his opponent's.
  • The showering of gifts is meaningless if the heart seeks to impress, or is hollow in love.
  • Understand the way of the heart, for from its purity honor is gained across time.

There is no pocket hidden within a man's heart the Lord cannot be trusted with.

I the Lord search the heart and examine the mind... (Jeremiah 17:10a)

Temptations and struggles will remain to the end of our lives, but with a pure heart we will be restful even in the midst of our restless existence. ~ Henri Nouwen.

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Hope is never ill when faith is well'. ~ John Bunyan

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