The Power of a Cave

Bible greats dwelt for short or extended periods in caves. 

Elijah, King David, Lazarus, John the Apostle and of course our Lord all passed through caves. (Note: Jesus was placed in a cave but He was not to be found in one.)

Caves contain much more depth to the soul than they do darkness to the eyes.

The cave is a sanctuary, the place of hiding from friend or foe alike; a place to lose interruption and escape threat.

The nature of caves birth a helplessness. They are a divinely appointed schoolroom towards dependence upon the Lord.

The fruit of the cave is humility, and conversely the fruit of humility can take you to the cave.

The cave is the vault where carnal desire wanes and new soul-pleasing thirsts arise.

The echo of the soul's prayer then resounds:

there is now nothing I desire in this world but you O' Lord.

When the cave is chosen the easy invitation to recline on any cheapish un-devoted lounge is lost.

It is sinful to be busy for the Lord if He is calling His disciple to stop with Him.

The Lord delights in the longing and yearning that comes from confessed incompetence:

I can’t do anything without you Lord, but I can do everything with You.

The cave acts as a roof over the head and a kitchen of the soul. The Holy Spirit pours your drink, and quenches your thirsts. God's Word is your diet, He plates your food.

The cave is the venue where less becomes moreLess is enjoyed and delivers a rest that more cannot match.

Anonymity and isolation are the power of a cave, for it 'steals' the world from a disciple.

Today's Soul Snippet:

Mercy is learned from suffering.

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