The Return to Darkness#

I saw a large number of people trapped by a cave-in. In an instant total darkness fell upon the cave. Some were injured. The darkness hid the wounds but not the pain. The darkness could not stop the bleeding.

Two people were sent for rescue, to find a way out. This was an impossibly difficult task, for the dark was deep and the way littered with unseen obstacles, large and small - smooth and rough. Any of these obstacles sufficient of itself to cause further injury.

Prayer became the pattern for these two stumbling escapees. As each bumped their way forward, even colliding with the other, both their hearts prayed for light.

Eventually they literally saw their prayers answered, but they had two vastly different responses:

  • one rushed forward, drawn to the light, still stumbling, still falling - ever forward, 
  • the other realised the purpose of his journey, recalling his fellow cavers still caught in the dark - now so far behind. He bumbles to turn around, shins himself (yet again) but heads back into the darkness to lead the others to the light.

There are two types of people Jesus touches:

  1. the first finds salvation, and revels in it. He runs off to enjoy for himself his new found freedom,
  2. the second realises that this fresh freedom must be shared with those still in darkness. They return to the dark world to share the salvation with those who are in need, to guide those in darkness towards the light.

The question hangs begging - which direction do you travel in?# 

Today's Soul Snippet:

'The church is not a yacht club but a fleet of fishing boats.' ~ anon

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#A special thanks to Peter Trama, a subscriber who submitted this compelling vision he saw.