The Simple Way to Peace

Self-defense is at the boiling core of every human being. It is the right of the soul to call the body and spirit to action, even war.

To not defend self is first the theft of courage.

BUT the invitation of heaven is to lay down the power and right of self-defense through a willing submission to crucify self.

Jesus appeals:

it is only in releasing your rights to vindication, it is only in the laying down of injustices, it is only in forgiving those who have wronged you - that you lay down your life... As you lay down your rights, beloved, the fear and the insecurity... as you refuse all futile attempts to defend... so torment shall cease and peace shall arise. You shall find when it is given into My hands I will protect that which you were unable to.

And as you lay down your life you shall find it. And as you pour out blessing upon those who have spitefully used you, upon those who have sought your life and your reputation - you shall become free... #

The willingness to forgive is the willingness to lay down personal rights to hurt another because they have hurt you.

Forgiveness mimics Jesus and so removes torment.

Bless the enemy for then he has no rights to come against you.

My child dare to lose your life, and you shall gain the higher thing - which is life and peace in communion with Me.#

This is the simpler way.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Heaven would never want to multiply thorns." ~ Michael Cartwright

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# Wendy Alec, "Visions from Heaven" (Dublin, Ireland: Warboys Publishing, 2013) 30