The Streets Cried for Blood

By that first Good Friday, as a chilled dawn rose upon God's Son, blind pride had already smothered justice.

Jerusalem's violent streets had screamed for His innocent blood.

A spineless and self-serving leadership dismissed the truth from an ill conceived self-interest.

A throng totally absent of wisdom and devoid of moral fibre defiantly ignored righteousness throughout this death of God.

No restraint, no self audit or correction was evident within them at this darkest hour of all history.

BUT man nor God would yield on this Passover Friday. Neither would withhold their intention from the world.

This Son near the cross refused to keep Himself from suffering. Jesus sought no heavenly army, screamed no eternal curse. He understood entirely. No torment would Jesus keep Himself from. He had decided this long before.

The Jews' king had devotedly yielded to His subjects.

This true King held no personal consideration as He cried blessing:

"Father forgive them for they do not know what they do." (Luke 23:34)

Ignorance was the domain of these God-spurning murderers; knowledge and grace the domain of their God-submissive savior.

Equally without self constraint, God withheld not even His only Son. The Father gave His all from His total poverty -- He only had one son to give, there were no cosmic twins with a 'spare' should the first one suffer and die.

Man is no more worthy of Jesus' bellowing forgiveness than Jesus was to die.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"That which is to give light must first endure burning." ~ anon

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