The Suffering of Heaven

Upon a sinister mount my guilt was removed; undeservedly I gained redemption from my sins. This was the purpose of that first Easter, forgiveness - where there was none.

Darkness enveloped the land. Heaven had withdrawn in despair, suffering without comfort.

As God's only son was hammered onto the ruddy Cross the Father had no other child to hold and no wife to hug.

The Father knew no one to hold Him; there was no bosom upon which to lay His head. Soothing caresses were absent. His tears were not counted; they weren't even seen.

His heaving chest the Father bore alone. None heard His sobbing of brokenness. 

The gates to heaven were opened as the Father's tears flowed.

Heaven cried when Jesus died. 

I have scant idea (if any at all) of the significance, the depth, the pain and the nobility of the Father (and the Son) in securing my forgiveness - but I do grasp the results;

for the gates of heaven are now wide and open to me.  

"...your guilt is taken away and your sin atoned for.” (Isaiah 6:7)

Thankyou Father for the death I couldn't see that saved me from the death I shouldn't know. Amen

Today's Soul Snippet:

"On that first Good Friday the Father nailed His heart to the Cross." ~ Michael Cartwright

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