The Unforgiving

We dwell in an unforgiving world. Enmity breeds enmity. All accounts are to be paid.

1991 saw Clint Eastwood produce, direct and star in his last western - Unforgiven.

To my sensibilities - a brutal movie displaying savagery that may well represent the old wild west.

Clint Eastwood and Gene Hackman spilt blood in volumes from the altar of vengeance. Any milk of human kindness faded during the movie, forgiveness was on neither's lips nor present in their holster.

Underscoring the entire script was:

all accounts are to be paid.

The script's theme pervades worldwide human thinking, it always has. All injury perpetrated against us we too believe requires payment. 

When choosing unforgiveness, please - first count the cost:

  • The choice is to live with betterness or bitterness, freedom or bondage.
  • Unforgiveness drinks a poison daily expecting the other to die. - Nelson Mandela
  • When embarking on a journey of revenge first dig two graves. - Confucius
  • Stubbornness and unforgiveness are the enemies, a deceiving powerhouse that continues to permit another to hurt me. Stubbornness and pride are one the same.
  • Those who nurse bitterness are invalids. ~ Corrie ten Boom

As you have done it will be done to you - your deeds will return to your head. (Obadiah 15)

Forgiveness is a spiritual transaction, for Heaven honors my decisions upon earth. (See Matthew 18:18, 35)

In the end isn't each believer only a vagabond seized and then clothed by a raggedy grace that takes us as we are and not as we should be? Who are we to withhold such grace from a fellow vagabond too? 

Today's Soul Snippet:

'There never yet was an unscarred saint.' ~ anon.

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