Soul Snack 246/14 ... My loud and un-sneaking suspicion confirms what most of this planet's distressed dwellers fail to realise:

Christmas is THE compass to the world.

Let me explain:

  • Christmas points to an annual season of joy, peace and goodwill even if this is fleeting.
  • Christmas directs the world to slow, even stop and pursue faith, hope and love for a moment.
  • Christmas guides the world to its only savior; the solution to walking in darkness, even though He is ignored.

To all those who would willingly walk guided by the needles of its compass, Christmas offers abundantly more than well adorned and very transitory gifts.

ENJOY these brief video thoughts on a white compass named CHRISTMAS!



Today's Soul Snippet:

“How many observe Christ's birthday! How few, His precepts!” ― Benjamin Franklin

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