The Wind of Righteousness#

God saw the needs of His own today, well before they ever lived in today. He has spoken accordingly.

Of the increase in wickedness within and without the church who could foretell? But into the increase of wickedness the Lord would always pursue righteousness.

God has the finest of intentions for His suffering ones, He still seeks to make ready a people for Himself:

There is a wind of righteousness about to sweep across God's people and amongst those who would submit to His rule.

This righteousness is not based on man-made structures or found in mausoleums of worship. It is absent from the proud.

The desperate desire of His Holy Spirit - the Spirit of Truth - is that goodness, mercy and justice may prevail among all His people here on earth.

The desperate desire of His Holy Spirit - the Spirit of Truth - is that His people will taste heaven on earth. To each there will be given a place of well-being, a place for healing, protection and a place of safety.

He sees many Christian people so exposed and vulnerable being devoured by other Christians.

He sees the assailed who need an advocate.

He sees the infant that needs a parent.

He sees no hope without righteousness.

THe Holy Spirit of Truth is the same spirit of Elijah who will turn father's hearts to their children and seek the wisdom of the righteous.

The father of absence and the father of distance is to be no more. The next generation is to be more righteous than the previous one. Families are for the generational transmission of righteousness. Righteousness is to be multiplied through the family and wickedness no more

The Spirit of Truth is preparing a family for the Lord. Yet His righteousness cannot be contained by the operations of men, the structures of their systems and their personal ambitions. The Lord's righteousness is to be released and to flow.

His righteousness already circumvents church leaders, honors the pew dwellers and is found outside the stone steps.

The heart that seeks good will become a good heart. 

The heart of ambition, self-protection and pride will be destroyed.

His Spirit of Truth will penetrate the heart, examine the intentions of the mind and plead for a place of righteousness to reside.

And he John will go on before the Lord, in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the parents to their children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous—to make ready a people prepared for the Lord. (Luke 1:17)

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 "Jesus still acted as my God even before I made Him my God." Michael Cartwright

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#This prophecy of God's wonderful intentions for His people was received 19th January 2010 and first published on MyParable.