The World is Derailed!

Soul Snack 185/14 ... Mankind has decided to jump off life's correct tracks. He hasn't exchanged them for new tracks, but now simply wanders (or runs) without promise to merciless evil.

  • Last Tuesday a teenage terrorist stabbed two police officers outside their Melbourne Police Station. This teenager was fatally shot. It is reported his intention was to behead the police.
  • Last month a gleeful nine year old boy paraded a human's head as high as his thin arms permitted. Outrageously he held his father's approval as safely as he held the head.
  • Last year on April 30th President Obama plunged yet another wound into mankind (God's image) when he congratulated an NBA superstar Jason Collins for announcing his homosexuality.
  • Last decade the western world fell to it knees from greed's saturation via the Global Financial Crisis.

Each of these above events further catalogue man's poorly restrained nature towards evil; his completely absent moral compass.

What will be tomorrow's headlines?

What unthinkable events will my grandchildren be reading about on a device yet to be invented?

What still remains secure in life?

Without grooves along which our minds can move with unconscious ease, we become perpetually hesitant and gripped with insecurity.  ~ Will Durant

Righteousness is the correct track to keep us moving; without these tracks the train of life is useless. It careens, twists and collides randomly, until its massive energy explodes on a killer impact. Nothing but a charred countryside can remain. Daily the face of this planet is further scorched by evil.

The tracks of good and evil are frustrating to man, but they are the only provision that keep man stable until he comes to Christ. ~ Rick Joyner

There is no security and little health for those who would multiply the wickedness within them and then saturate this world. BUT - who recognizes this rampage of darkness, the ever lengthening shadow of evil?

Where there is no righteousness there is no peace.

The effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence. In a world soaked with evil little wonder it is seized with insecurity. (See Isaiah 32:17)

The fruit of righteousness is peace. In a world soaked in evil little wonder it is derailed.

Today's Soul Snippet:

The price of sin far outweighs the pleasure of sin.

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