The World's Most Aggravating Habit?

Man is too hard on man!

George Clooney and I roomed on a vacation camp in our teens!

That is a lie, not a microcosm of truth but was there a mere nano-second where maybe you thought  'wow'?

Don't you just love name droppers; those who speak personally about the famous in the drive to impress you?

Isn't this the most aggravating habit, as insecure people endeavor to add false value to their hollow self-esteem?

More commonly for the secure and insecure alike, lives are valued by a bewildering array of productivity measures or bank balances.

Late last year I attended a wonderful Christmas function of eighty-five moderate to severely handicapped adults. Many thought and acted as a four or five year old may. Each incapable, indeed innocent to name-dropping and any notion of productivity or wealth. (The pure faith of many of these adults was breathtaking.) So where in human terms was their value? 

I do not doubt at all they are of completely equal value to any president, professor, pilot or pen-pusher.

The 'name-droppers' are kinda close to finding an individual's true value. A person's value is not found in their usefulness, but who they can know, who they have access to, whose presence they are welcomed to - not their abilities.

The Throne of Grace is open to all of mankind. All men are valuable regardless of capabilities, condition, creed or color because they are made in God's image. All are still wanted in His presence no matter how fractured that image now may appear.

No matter your success or your sins, your skills or foolishness - your value has not changed. It has never been about what you can do, for there are always the highly skilled, the lesser skilled and the unskilled. It must be about who you DO know.

You know Jesus, the pioneer and perfector of your faith, the creator and sustainer of the universe; sure trumps knowing George Clooney.

When the darkness of self-doubt hovers, or the heart cries afresh for value, still sing to the Lord, for He bellows - YOU ARE MINE!

Hold on to these words, for God is never too hard on man.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Faith is fear that just keeps saying its prayers." ~ Michael Cartwright

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