Unsettling Proposals for the Christian Church

This is an unsettling proposal:

The revolutionary Jesus brought fresh wine to a stale wedding, He invaded the temple twice and took whips to false worship, yet man's best attempts at fashioning church is in his own image - a pattern far from the pattern of Christ's image for His bride.

Jesus was a 'son of the synagogue', but not a father to it.

He walked through the streets touching people He met, or who pursued Him. He healed them, asked them to flee sin, and to follow Him.

'The church seems most powerful at its most primitive, when our confidence is high in God and when we haven't built systems to protect her'. ~ Wayne Jacobsen.

The Christian church is immersed in a self-perpetuating conformity, and so has lost the cure/care of the soul. 

The well educated pastor has not been taught this truth:

that he like his flock is powerless and helpless, merely a pauper at the door of God's mercy. ~ Brennan Manning

"Has God not chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith?' (James 2:5a)

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