We Have Been Sold A Pup!

Eight decades ago Francis Schaeffer argued:

The concept that the final reality is energy which has existed forever in some form and takes its present form by chance has totally destructive consequences for life... when one accepts the secular view that final reality is only material or energy shaped by chance then human life is lowered to the level of animal existence.

This world has been sold a pup. There exists a prevailing confidence trick that limits God, or far worse still - denies His closeness, presence and existence.

Mankind and Christians alike have removed an intimate God from their lives, all to their greatest loss.

Faith has been falsely replaced by reason. 

I do love this little quote, from Nancy Spielberg, to not limit what God can do for you:

Lord I crawled across the barrenness to you with my empty cup, uncertain in asking any small drop of refreshment. If only I had known you better I'd have come running with a bucket.

Maybe the martial arts legend, Bruce Lee, echoed Nancy Spielberg's barrenness:

The usefulness of the cup, is its emptiness.

To conclude then, with not merely a pup but real beef steak from John Flavel:

When God intends to fill a soul, He first makes it empty. When He intends to enrich a soul, He first makes it poor. When He intends to exalt a soul, He makes it first sensible to its miseries, wants and nothingness.

A man upheld by scaffolds (pride in particular) the Lord cannot teach or reach.

There is no soul more valuable than an empty (humbled) one as God can only fill valleys, not mountains. (Roy Hession).

If you lay yourself at Christ's feet He will take you in His arms. ~ William Bridge

Today's Soul Snippet:

"When the cost of earning money becomes greater than the value of the money, the cost is too high - change jobs."

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